Michael Wilde (The New Saints FC)

I have been receiving treatment from Jane and her team for over 10 years. Playing competitive football I have had a variety of injuries ranging from minor sprains and strains to shoulder surgery and most recently osteitis pubis / pubic symphysis. Jane has always been able to arrange convenient appointment times, with the majority of appointments at short notice. The professional way in which Jane and her team have handled each injury has allowed me to return to my sport quickly but without risk of further injury and in most cases return stronger and fitter. Their attention to detail and personalised exercise & rehab programs really made a difference with realistic goal setting strategy and specific exercises that help prevent further complications by correcting weaknesses. It is clear to me that Jane and her team have excellent diagnostic skills due to their years of experience and can provide a wide range of treatments. I would recommend their service to anyone seeking high quality physiotherapy treatment, advice and support.

Elliott Durrell (Midfielder – Hednesford Town FC – Skrill North)

Back in October 2010 I had a career threatening injury, in which I ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament and in December 2010 I had full reconstructive surgery, following the successful surgery my rehab was very intense and at times very challenging. However Carwyn and his team ensured that I made a full recovery with all the help that was needed. Carwyn was always on hand at all appointments and was very specific to my sport throughout my rehab. At times I had a few little setbacks but Carwyn and the team made sure that I was comfortable with stepping up my rehab at the right time, to ensure that I would reach my goals. They always acted in an exceptionally professional manner, and if for any reason I was unable to make an appointment it was always re arranged very quickly, again to ensure my progress wasn’t hindered. The rehab program that I was put through was always very specific and sports related to ensure I was ready to return to competitive action at the right stage.

Since returning to competitive competition I have had a few strains and worries in which Carwyn soon made himself available for me to go and see to put my mind at ease and if necessary give me any exercises that were applicable to ensure that I soon recovered.

The excellent skills that Carwyn and his team have in diagnosing injuries, following the correct rehabilitation procedures and also offering a follow up service with a wide range of treatments and support and advice, specific to every different person is something that I would highly recommend to anybody both inside and outside of sport.

Tom Sagar (British/European Motorcycle Enduro Rider)

I have been riding competitive motorcycle enduro since 2006, luckily I have only seriously injured myself once in this time, and had to be hospitalised. Over the years my riding has become more and more competitive and smaller injuries such as sprains and torn ligaments have hindered my progression. 2013 was a great year for me in terms of riding. I was leading both the European and British championships by the half way point of the year, when disaster struck! During a practice session the front end of the bike washed away from me, and on putting my hand down to break my fall my thumb bent back on itself.

Noel was on the end of the phone to advise how best to treat the swelling and how best to reduce the inflammation before he could start treatment. Noel assessed my injury and how to treat it as I only had a week before my next championship event. Noel treated my injury and also went though a number of exercises I could do before racing to prevent “arm pump”. Without the help of Noel and Borders Physio I wouldn’t have been able to hold onto my enduro bike let alone ride it at a British championship a week following the accident, followed by the European championship two weeks later.