Improve your performance and stay injury-free

Whether elite, club or running for the first time we can help improve your performance and stay injury-free, through our comprehensive Running Analysis, available at our premises on Artillery Business Park.

Running has been an extremely popular activity for decades and is still growing in momentum.  Many who have never considered it previously have started to get the bug through easy-accessible programmes such as ‘Couch to 5K’, or even giving it a go at their local Park Run.

What does analysis involve?

An in-depth subjective assessment of any issues and examining training loads will be followed by an extensive objective assessment of the area in question. Specific individual tests will be done followed by capacity tests. This will tell us more about how your different muscle groups are working.

Running analysis will be carried out on a treadmill measuring cadence and being filmed in 2 planes. Analysing the footage in slow motion, identifying any predisposing movement patterns.

The most common injuries for runners are:

•  Overuse   •  Biomechanical   •  Irritation of previous injury   •  Training error

Overuse and training error can be caused by an increase in running mileage, pace, frequency, and inadequate rest/recovery resulting in pain or injury when the body does not have the capacity to tolerate the loads placed on it.  Previous muscle and tendon problems can present a risk and are likely to reoccur if not addressed fully.  Biomechanics of an individual’s running style can contribute to inefficient effort and potential injury risk.


Let's get started

All these elements will be examined with our highly qualified physiotherapists and addressed through specific treatment, training cues and recommendations. A tailored training plan can make all the difference, with personalised exercise programmes and regular reviews, helping you to address any elements of poor flexibility, mobility, weakness, or control.

Learn to listen to your body and get the most out of your running experience, call the team on: 07540 635388

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