Relieve pain, improve function

This involves carrying out exercises and specific physiotherapy programmes and techniques in warm water. The warmth and buoyancy of the water helps to relieve pain, increase circulation, strengthen muscles, and improve function.

These benefits speed up recovery from surgery, improve balance and coordination, range of movement and general fitness, together with improving confidence and stamina, through aerobic fitness. Our physiotherapists will ensure you follow a programme which is best suited to your needs. We cater for everything from the bespoke one to one treatment, to the group programmes where a bit of gentle competition can encourage even the most reluctant participant to work harder!

Many of our patients who are seen on dry land initially are also seen in the pool setting to assist with their core stability, flexibility, and strength.

Please note:

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are currently unable to offer this service.
However please feel free to talk to our team so we can arrange a session in future:

Call the team on: 07540 635388

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Relieve pain, improve function


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