Get back to full fitness

At Borders Physio and Sports Injury Centre, we have extensive knowledge and experience in assessing and treating sports injuries.

Whether you have been injured whilst playing high level sport or during recreational activity, the physiotherapists at Borders Physio and Sports Injury Centre will be able to design you a full rehabilitation programme to help you get back to full fitness.

Our emphasis is to return you to your sport as soon as possible, and to provide you with as much information as possible about the mechanism of injury and how to prevent it recurring. We also work closely with orthopaedic consultants and leading specialist surgeons.
We also compliment our hands on approach and rehabilitation and exercise expertise with a hydrotherapy facility. Whilst we are working with you on your recovery, you can continue to exercise in their warm water pool where we provide sports specific exercise in water, aqua running, walking or swimming. (See Hydrotherapy page)

Causes of sports injuries:

Most sports injuries are caused by impact (trauma), a direct damage to the tissues, or an overuse (micro trauma), due to repetitive excessive loading or friction.

Sports injuries we see very commonly:

•  Anterior and posterior cruciate ligament injury and reconstruction surgery  •  Anterior knee pain  •  Achilles tendinopathy  •  Ankle sprains  •  Back pain  •  Calf strain  •  Calf tear  •  Elbow ligament injuries  •  Foot pain due to repetitive stress  •  Golfers elbow (medial epicondylitis)  •  Groin pain  •  Hamstring pulls or tears  •  Heel pain  •  Hip pain  •  Iliotibial band syndrome  •  Iliopsoas syndrome  •  Knee injuries – ligaments, meniscus  •  Piriformis  •  PCL injury  •  Plantar fasciitis  •  Quadriceps pull or tear  •  Rotator cuff injuries  •  Sciatica  •  Shin splints  •  Shoulder bursitis / impingement  •  Whiplash  •  Wrist and hand injuries

Our aim

Our aim is to maximise recovery by tailoring the rehabilitation to your individual goals and monitoring your progress throughout.

Our specialist musculoskeletal sports injury physiotherapists will work with you to provide a thorough rehabilitation programme which will encourage a number of benefits including:

•  Restoring full function as soon as possible
•  A faster recovery and return to sport
•  Strengthening weakened muscle groups
•  Reducing any pain and inflammation from your injury
•  Maintaining cardiovascular fitness whilst you are out of sport
•  Minimising the risk of future injuries
•  Improving your flexibility and coordination
•  Advice on correct footwear and equipment

Let's get started

If you have sustained an injury or have had surgery for a sports injury and would like to arrange a full assessment with one of our physiotherapists then please get in touch:
Call the team on: 07540 635388

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