Speed up your recovery

If you have been seriously injured, had a or have a long-term condition, you will be supported by the team at Borders Physio.

Rehabilitation is about enabling and supporting individuals to recover or adjust, to achieve their full potential and to live as full and active lives as possible. Rehab should start as soon as possible to speed recovery. Research shows it can improve your mobility and activity levels, shorten the amount of time you need to stay in hospital or off work and greatly improve the quality of your life.

If you require physiotherapy as part of your rehab, you and your physio will work together to:

•  Assess the nature and extent of your problems
•  Set goals with you, based on what is most important to you
•  Provide treatment, support and advice
•  Regularly evaluate how you are progressing

The general aim is to improve your strength and mobility and to find ways around any problems. For example, if you have had a fall, we may recommend some equipment to assist you with walking and an exercise programme to improve your balance and strength.

Stick with the programme

The team will work with you on what is really important to you, so keep them up to date with how you are feeling.

You will have exercises to practice by yourself or with friends or family, so do your best to stick with your programme. If you have any problems with the programme, talk to a member of the team. Rehabilitation can be hard work, so allow for some set-backs as well as progress and chart your successes. Work with us to get back to the things you enjoy.

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